The People's Candidate for City Council Super District 8 Position 2
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Frank W. Johnson is a native of South Memphis. He spent his youth between Cleaborn Homes, South Parkway and Lauderdale (Lauderdale Sub) and in the Alcy/Ball Community. He attended Norris Elementary, Corry Jr. High in this community. He lives and has grown up in Super District 8.


Frank is an active member of the Shelby County Democratic Party (SCDP). He serves on the Primary Board and was elected to the Grassroots Council in 2017 representing Executive Committee Shelby County District 10. Frank has worked as a community organizer for The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) and Karl Dean for Governor campaign in 2018. Frank also served as a second and fourth-grade teacher for Shelby County Schools. He is also a board member for Memphis Artists for Change (MAC).


Frank became involved with the issue of Environmental Justice during his time as a teacher at LaRose Elementary. He noticed how several students in his classes shared the same health conditions and behavioral disorders shared by many of his friends and family growing up. After getting involved with the Memphis Water Collaborative he discovered that Memphis has a history of contamination issues especially in the older areas of Memphis. These areas also show high levels of lead and other toxins in the soil, air and drinking water. These environmental issues tied directly into many of the health, educational and crime problems that we are seeing in Memphis.

Frank is a graduate of Overton High School. He later earned his BA of Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and his Master's of Public Administration from the University of Pheonix.

Frank has been endorsed by the Memphis & West Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council, and he was also voted as the "People's Choice Candidate" at the 2019 People's Convention in Memphis for the position in which he is running for.


Platform Issues

Equity In Public Education

Environmental Justice

Equity In Housing

Rebuilding Communities

True Living Wages

Reproductive Justice


 Pictures from The Campaign 


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